• Gatekeepers by design? Gender HCI for Audio and Music Hardware

    Gatekeepers by design? Gender HCI for Audio and Music Hardware

    This dissertation looks into investigating the design of hardware for audio and music which is commonly associated with the term ‘music technology’ under the aspect of Gender-HCI, studies on science and technology as well as design research.

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  • Harmonic interaction for monophonic instruments through musical phrase to scale recognition

    Harmonic interaction for monophonic instruments through musical phrase to scale recognition

    Introducing a novel approach for the augmentation of acoustic instrument by providing musicians playing monophonic instruments the ability produce and control the harmonic outcome of their performance. This approach is integrated in an interactive music system that tracks the notes played by the instrument, analyzes an improvised melodic phrase, and identifies the harmonic environment in which the phrase is played. This information is then used as the input of a sound generating module which generate harmonic textures in accordance with the identified scale.

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  • Motivato


    Motivato: A standalone music selection system for seamless technology-mediated audience participation.

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  • Multimedia Slideshow Maker

    Multimedia Slideshow Maker

    During my master's thesis, I have designed and developed a tech platform where a mobile application creates slideshows from multimedia content uploaded in a web application titled “Multimedia Slideshow Maker” (MSM). The project is carried out for an external partner, Alight AS, for a project called Alight. Alight is a mobile tech platform aiding caregivers in sending personalised video sessions to patients with dementia. This thesis aims to determine to what degree MSM can be used independently by a caregiver, without instructions from others or prior experience in video editing.

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  • The Notion of Dialogue in the Interactive Dance

    The Notion of Dialogue in the Interactive Dance

    The constituent elements of interactive dance are human and computer, which in a human-computer interaction, create a feedback loop, and present the work of art. Considering that matter, each of the opponents in this interaction has their part and space and there is an aesthetic relationship ongoing, defining the quality and amount of each opponent's part and space. In this thesis, this ongoing matter is referred to as the notion of dialogue. To create this sense, the key element that will be discussed is surprise. In order to do that, following a certain design strategy, a practical system will be designed and executed to fortitude the logical argument that is presented in this research. In that performance, by the creative use of the body, space, time, popular art forms (i.e., Hip-Hop music and dance), and with the focus on the subject of sea-level rise, the research argument will be put in practice and further on evaluated. After the evaluation process, in conclusion - despite its limitation - it may be concluded that the use of surprise, will allow the computer to have an active role and possess a significant part in the interaction and convey a sense of dialogue in it.

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  • Sonification of Standstill Recordings

    Sonification of Standstill Recordings

    The goal of this thesis was to develop and experiment with a set of sonification tools to explore participant data from standstill competitions. Using data from the 2012 Norwegian Championship of Standstill, three sonification models were developed using the Max/MSP programming environment. The first section of the thesis introduces sonification as a method for data exploration and discusses different sonification strategies. Momentary Displacement of the position was derived from the position data and parameter mapping methods were used to map the data features with sound parameters. The displacement of position in the XY plane or the position changes along the Z-Axis can be mapped either to white-noise or to a sine tone. The data variables control the amplitude and a filter cut-off frequency of the white noise or the amplitude and frequency of the sine tone. Moreover, using sound spatialization together with sonification was explored by mapping position coordinates to spatial parameters of a sine tone. A “falling” effect of the standing posture was identified through the sonification. Also audible were the participants’ breathing patterns and postural adjustments. All in all, the implemented sonification methods can be effectively used to get an overview of the standstill dataset.

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  • NTNU Oceans

    NTNU Oceans

    An immersive installation on mercury pollution in the ocean. The aim of this project is to conceptualize and implement an installation in which visitors can interactively “see” and “hear” the status of oceans and seas worldwide.

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  • Soundscapes for Dream Nest

    Soundscapes for Dream Nest

    For the spring applied project we created music for a hardware specific device to relax colicy babies in a collaboration with our external partner, Dream Nest. Our final product is a six track EP, engineered to put your baby to sleep (we hope!)

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  • MotionComposer


    MotionComposer is a motion capture device that lets people make music with gestures. This is the presentation of our applied project, where we worked on building a new instrument for this device.

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  • Trippi BySykkel Sounds

    Trippi BySykkel Sounds

    Portray city bike user data into a sonified, interactive display by making use of public space and public data.’

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  • Tree as Speakers

    Tree as Speakers

    A project in collaboration with ÅF engineering. The goal of the project was to create a non-intrusive soundscape and/or noise-masking installations in an outdoor public space by using trees as speakers, installing audio exciters on trees.

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  • Picture Carmen

    Picture Carmen

    Promotional video for a new chamber production of the Opera ‘Carmen’

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  • Seismerssion: Retrospectives on an Audio-visual installations

    Seismerssion: Retrospectives on an Audio-visual installations

    Seismerssion is the title we gave our Applied Project in the context of the MCT spring semester 2019. This audio-visual installation is dedicated to the widely unknown issue of sound pollution in the ocean. In collaboration with NTNU Oceans, an intership was established to develop and implement a public installation concept for 2 different venues.

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