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  • How music related motion tracking can sound

    How music related motion tracking can sound

    During the course 'Music related Motion Tracking' there were several approaches among the students to realize their ideas. The Opti-Track system, new to all of us consists of infrared-cameras, markers and a software with calibration tools. We were exploring the functions from scratch during the first week when hosting the 'Nordic-stand-still-championship' on both campus.

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  • Brexisonification


    The goal in the project is to sonify Brexit, in a way that the audience could interpret new insight from the data through audio.

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  •  The Sound of Traffic

    The Sound of Traffic

    Is it possible to transmit complex data-sets within an instance of a sound, so the content gets revealed? As communication and dissemination of information in our modern digital world has been highly dominated by visual aspects it led to the fact that the modality of sound got neglected. In order to test the hypothesis, the project presents a model for sonification of temporal-spatial traffic data, based on principle of Parametric Mapping Sonification (PMSon) technique.

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  • Sonification of Near Earth Objects

    Sonification of Near Earth Objects

    As a part of a two-week workshop in the Sonification and Sound design course, we were divided into groups to work on the development of a self-chosen sonification project. We had a couple of hours each day for three days allocated for development, and we chose to explore how to design and build an auditory model of Near-Earth Objects (NEO) with data collected from NASA.

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  • MuX -playground for real-time sound exploration

    MuX -playground for real-time sound exploration

    It was so fascinating to have Edo Fouilloux in the MCT sonification seminar series. Edo is a visual innovator and a multidisciplinary craftsman of graphics, sound, computing, and interaction. He co-founded Decochon in 2015 to work with Mixed Reality (XR) technologies. MuX is a pioneering software in the field of interactive music in virtual reality systems. Edo demonstrated the concepts and philosophies inside Mux, where it is possible to build and play new instruments in the virtual space.

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  • Ole nieling portal lecture

    MCT Sonification Lecture - Ole Neiling

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  • Presentation by Pamela Z

    Presentation by Pamela Z

    As part of our Sonification and Sound Design course (MCT4046), we were fortunate enough to host scholars and artists which are well established within the sonification and sound design field. Pamela Z is a composer, performer and a media artist who is known for her work of voice with electronic processing. Pamela arrived in Norway for several workshops and performances, and we were lucky enough to have her for a short presentation on April 4th. After a brief introduction by Tone Åse who has been a long-time fan of Pamela’s work, Pamela started the session with a 10 minutes performance of a live improvised mashup of several existing pieces she often performs. While performing, Pamela is being circled by several self-made sensory devices that are connected to her laptop. On her hands, she wears sensors that send signals to her hardware setup. She sings and makes sounds with her voice, hands, and body and manipulates all that with hand gestures.

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  •  An Overview of Sonification by Thomas Hermann

    An Overview of Sonification by Thomas Hermann

    It was my privilege and honour to facilitate a guest lecture and introduce one of the 'Gurus' in the field of sonification, Dr. Thomas Hermann. He shared his enormous knowledge on sonification with hands on exercises for two days (March 28, and 29, 2019) through the MCT portal in Trondheim. I am quite excited to share my notes and will try to cover the summary of his talks in this blog.

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  • Using Speech As Musical Material

    Using Speech As Musical Material

    As a part of a three-week workshop in the course Sonification and Sound design at MCT, we were lucky to have Daniel Formo as a guest speaker.

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  • Advanced collaborative spaces, tele-immersive systems and the Nidarøs Sculpture

    Advanced collaborative spaces, tele-immersive systems and the Nidarøs Sculpture

    Leif introduced us to 'Advanced Collaboration Spaces, requirements and possible realisations' and to the 'Nidarø Sulpture', a dynamic vision and audio sculpture. Both approaches contain his main research areas on tele-immersive collaboration systems and low latency networks.

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