• Liebesgruß or we can put that 'Liebe' aside

    Liebesgruß or we can put that 'Liebe' aside

    It's simply a gruß from Team C with our first telematic setup.

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  • Twinkle Twinkle (sad) Little Mars

    Twinkle Twinkle (sad) Little Mars

    Finally the B-boys got found some hours one evening to spend in the portal, Willie up north, and Pedro, Henrik and Anders down south. This was the first day on their Mission to Mars. Enter our B-oyager, and join us.

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  • Tapeloop DT-20

    Tapeloop DT-20

    For the MCT4048 we wanted to make some looper with layers and FX. But what did we get? The DT-20, a 4-track inspired digital tape looper with FX channels and a 'WASD'-mixer. Enjoy! - Stephen, Pedro, Anders & Henrik

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  • Get unstressed with Stress-less

    Get unstressed with Stress-less

    Acoustically-triggered heart rate entrainment (AHRE)

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  • Trinity: Triple Threat

    Trinity: Triple Threat

    Trinity: What happens when you combine Grain shimmer + Chorus + Stereo Width? Click to find.

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