If we have learned anything over these past seven months, its how to deal with education through telecommunication and online platforms. So, in light of the recent microbial world war, we decided to take matters into our own hands by sharing audio programming expertise through small introductory courses on Zoom. Our first “lecture series” is conducted by Thibault Jaccard on the mastery of C++; the true Lingua Franca (or Newspeak) of audio programming. The first class was held today, 13th of march from 10 - 13 am, and we are looking forward to more in the coming weeks!

C++ course

Dual screens

For our next installment, we have the privilege of enjoying a “series” on the power and grace of programming in Python, conducted by our very own Jackson Goode. Who knows what will follow, there is certainly no shortage of relevant topics and knowledgeable people in our class. This tragedy seems to be the beginning of a totally new MCT chapter, a unique opportunity to further explore our field in new ways.

Our hearts out to all who have been affected by the virus and those (many many) less fortunate than us.

To be continued…