MCT4015 Entrepreneurship - Group B

For this class, we were divided into cross-campus groups and presented with a “problem” to solve via entrepreneurial methods learned through readings, class discussions, and presentations made by real-world entrepreneurs.

Group B consisted of Magda and Ulrik in Trondheim, and Gaute and Paul in Oslo.

The problem

Audio tape recordings suffer magnetic distortion and material deterioration

After initial discussions on what seems on the surface to be a rather bland and uninspiring problem to tackle (at first glance it seems like a problem for which solutions are obvious, and already exist), we set to work, researching independently and together, various possible areas where this problem might exist and possible entrepreneurial angles to exploit in coming up with a solution. Using tools we learned in class like the Action Log and Learning Diary to document our research, we would then get together as a group via Zoom to discuss strategy and brainstorm new ideas.

Flowchart of the development process
Flowchart of the development process

Putting into practice entrepreneurial models derived from Sarasvathy’s theory of Effectuation (Causation and Effectuation: Toward a Theoretical Shift from Economic Inevitability to Entrepreneurial Contingency, Sarasvathy 2001) we eventually narrowed down an appealing market and product that we all agreed on.

Solution - the Andvarì

The Andvarì is a temperature and humidity-controlled storage unit for magnetic audio tape reels. It provides security, storage and peace of mind for the high-end reel-to-reel tape aficionado as an all-in storage and indexing system for their prized (and very expensive) tape reels. Designed and manufactured from the ground up in Norway with no expense spared, it should appeal to the targeted luxury audio segment for whom quality is paramount, and cost is no barrier.

Named after a dwarf from Norse mythology who guarded a golden treasure of inestimable value, the Andvarì, with a perfect blend of Nordic design, high technology, and impeccable workmanship will fit seamlessly into any audiophile’s dream system.

3D model of the Andvarì
3D model of the Andvarì

Suck it, Bang & Olufsen!