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An astonishing team.



Hi, we are the A team! Not as in the Ed Sheeran song but as cool as the TV show! The A-team is a diverse team exploring various aspects of sound such as music, acoustic or soundscape analysis. We’re all from different parts of Europe and have come together from Norway, France, Scotland/Germany and Spain. We are a passionate and funny team (to varying degrees of success) who are looking forward to taking on the challenges at the MCT.

Read our individual sections to get an idea of what to expect from us in the forthcoming months!

Team members

Sofía González

Photo about Sofía

Hi! My name is Sofía and I come all the way from Spain because I was given the opportunity to dive into the musical and technological field, two areas in which I have always been interested. I’m a singer who’s never had a band and I had to find my way around sound editing programs in order to make my own songs and covers. After that, I became very interested in learning more of this side of music, so I think I found my place at the MCT. As for my formation, I have been in the conservatory for four years playing violin (but that was a looong time ago), I have a degree on English Studies and two years of singing lessons. That’s why I hope to learn as much as I’m allowed here in the MCT but also as much as my brain is able to take in without exploding… Besides the academic details, in my free time I enjoy just about anything that’s creative: watching movies/TV shows, playing videogames, creative writing, drawing, baking (and eating the baked goods), singing, writing songs…you name it.

Joachim Poutaraud

Joachim Poutaraud

Joachim studied a Bachelor in Archaeology & History of Art and worked as an assistant engineer for the soundscape archaeology research project Bretez : sound heritage enhancement directed by musicologist Mylène Pardoen. Furthermore, he was engaged as a member of the Acoustic Task Force, directed by acoustician Brian F. G. Katz and musicologist Mylène Pardoen in order to propose several acoustic models for the reconstruction of the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris. His interests are related to soundscape studies, acoustic ecology and ecoacoutics and he hopes to be able to develop an interesting project in relation with the technological contributions of the MCT Master program.

Hugh Alexander von Arnim

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Recording the Landes Jugend Jazz Orchester Hessen

Hugh studied a Bachelor in Sound and Music Production in Germany. However, his interests lie anywhere and everywhere there is something to learn (even if this learning is a slow process). Nonetheless, the through line is how all of these different areas can be related to music, his biggest passion, with Hugh having played piano and bass in many different ensembles over the course of his life. It’s the multidisciplinary character and the cutting edge aspects of the MCT program that really appealed to Hugh, and he hopes to be able to develop as a musician, a technologist, and a person over the course of the next two years.

Some examples of his work include:

Oliver Getz

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Conducting the Vertex Ensemble in Boston, USA.

Oliver Getz is a video game composer, active in the Norwegian game development scene since 2013. He is a board member of Game Audio in Norway (GAiN) and owns an audio production company called Nordic Scoring, which was started after he finished his studies in Electronic Production & Design at Berklee College of Music.

In the past, Oliver has conducted music ensembles, organised scoring stage recordings for visual media, and developed video games. Now he is in the MCT programme to learn more about audio interactivity. Head to his website to learn more about interactive music for games or audio production for edutainment projects.