The blog posts of this section relate to the course MCT4043 Music-related Motion Tracking. The aim of the course is to provide the basic principles of technologies for capturing different types of human motion, explore computational analysis of motion data and inform about the main methodological challenges of using motion capture technologies in musical application and in research.

  • a t-SNE adventure

    a t-SNE adventure

    A system for interactive exploration of sound clusters with phone sensors

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  • Breathing through Max

    Breathing through Max

    For the COVID-19 version of motion-tracking, I developed a system to track your rate of breath and sonify it through Max. It emphasized the tenants of biofeedback and hopes to serve as a responsive system for stress relief.

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  • Sound Painting

    Sound Painting

    An application that tracks, visualizes and sonifies the motion of colors.

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  • How music related motion tracking can sound

    How music related motion tracking can sound

    During the course 'Music related Motion Tracking' there were several approaches among the students to realize their ideas. The Opti-Track system, new to all of us consists of infrared-cameras, markers and a software with calibration tools. We were exploring the functions from scratch during the first week when hosting the 'Nordic-stand-still-championship' on both campus.

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  • MoCap Recap - Two weeks recap of a Motion Tracking workshop

    MoCap Recap - Two weeks recap of a Motion Tracking workshop

    During weeks 10-11 we attended the Music related motion tracking course (MCT4043) as part of the MCT program. The week started with the installation of the OptiTrack system in Oslo, placement of cameras, connecting wires to hubs and software installation and setup. we got familiar with the Motive:Body software and was able to run calibrations, set and label markers, record motion data, export it in a correct way and experiment with sonifying the results with both recorded and streamed motion capture data.

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