The blog posts of this section showcase activities around the Music, Communication & Technology (MCT)’s master program. MCT is an international, joint master’s programme between NTNU and UiO, the two largest universities in Norway.

  • Stillness under Tension, An interactive performance between two cities

    Stillness under Tension, An interactive performance between two cities

    On 29th of August, 2018, Eigil, Karolina and Mari from the Masters programme in MCT, together with three professors, Alexander, Charles and Anna, performed with the Muscle Band at the Portal opening ceremony at the University of Oslo and NTNU in Trondheim. This was a musical performance that took place in two different places at the same time. How is that possible?

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  • Meet MCT Group D

    Meet MCT Group D

    Group D includes Shreejay Shrestha and Eirik Dahl from NTNU, and Guy Sion and Armando Gonzalez Sosto from UiO. The members of the group come from diverse professional backgrounds in education, architecture, music technology, and improvisation. The group’s interests are wide ranging, yet overlapping. Some interests include researching the possibilities of network-based audio collaboration as it relates to rehearsals and recording sessions, utilizing the portal as a tool for remote collaboration. The members of the group also wish to apply a thorough understanding of music technology in their own musical work and therapeutic applications.

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  • Meet MCT Group A

    Meet MCT Group A

    With a background from music, media, journalism, sound engineering, electronics and programming; the A-team aims to approach the MCT program with enthusiasm, curiosity and professionalism. We believe that our diversity and varied skill set will be a catalyst to achieive artistic innovation in a hyper technological world.

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  • Meet MCT Group C

    Meet MCT Group C

    We are an international group of students with different background in humanities, programming, music and music production based in Oslo and Trondheim. Even though we just got together without knowing each other from before we are excited to work together and face new challenges. We are interested in finding new ways to combine different technologies and media to solve societal problems. We are going to make this happen by sharing knowledge within the group and use each other’s strengths. We think our biggest challenge is that we are placed in to different cities and not possible to meet physically.

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  • Meet MCT Group B

    Meet MCT Group B

    Team name: D.A.M.E. – We are a diverse and multicultural group with different yet complementary practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and personal characteristics. Yet, the unifying agreement for our group is that music is key. We strongly believe in creative application of technology in musical performance and composition, communication, sound synthesis and music production.

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