• Wizard_of_Vox


    Wizard Of Vox - Wizard Of Vox is a gesture-based speech synthesis system that can be can be “made to speak”

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  • The Fønvind Device

    The Fønvind Device

    For my interactive music systems project, I wanted to make use of the Bela's analog inputs and outputs to make a synthesizer capable of producing not only sound, but also analog control signals that can be used with an analog modular synthesizer. This post goes briefly through some of the features and the design of my system, and at the end there is a video demonstration of the system in use.

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  • Instant Music, Subtlety later

    Instant Music, Subtlety later

    When drafting ideas in unknown territory one can become overwhelmed with the sheer endless options to create an IMS (interactive music system). Here a real-time processing board for voice with gesture control.

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  • AudioBend


    My project idea for the Interactive Music Systems was to build a glove that can manipulate sound. It was actually inspired by seeing the “mi.mu Gloves”. The paper on the “Data Glove” gave me ideas on the design aspect of the glove although the way it works is a bit more different than what I use in my glove. “Data glove” uses multiple flex sensors on the fingers and force sensitive sensors to contact the finger tips and an accelerometer to get data from the wrist control. In my glove I used flex sensor on index finger, 3 – axis accelerometer on my hand and a Distance Ultrasonic sensor on my palm. Attaching those stuff to the glove was a bit tricky but “ducktape” saved my life.

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  • Alien_Hamster_Ball


    The Alien Hamster ball - an instrument expressed through a 3D space

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  • LoopsOnFoam


    During a 2-week intensive workshop in the course Interactive Music Systems I worked on the development of an instrument prototype, which I named LoopsOnFoam.

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  • Microture


    Microture is an interactive music system, based on manipulation of the input sound (microphone sound) with small gestures..

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  • Body Drums - A wearable drumset

    Body Drums - A wearable drumset

    Body Drums

    For the course MCT4045 - Interactive Music Systems, I built a wearable drumset. The wearable drumset consists of a piezo-element placed on one hand, a force-sensing resistor on the other and a accelerometer on the fot. These sensors are then used to trigger one file each. In my case I used a kick drum sound for the foot, snare drum sound for the piezo element and a hi hat sound for the FSR. Then when these sensors are triggered, the sound that are mapped to the sensor will be played. For example if I stump my foot, the kick drum sound will be played.

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  • The HySax - Augmented saxophone meant for musical performance

    The HySax - Augmented saxophone meant for musical performance

    an augmented saxophone meant for musical performance, enabling background layer and delay to be controlled via gestures.

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