The blog posts of this section relate to the course MCT4015 Entrepreneurship for MCT. The aim of the course is to develop theoretical and practical knowledge of the foundations of entrepreneurship and how they can be applied in practice. Through a combination of readings, exercises, and practical, action-based learning, students will practice identifying problems, developing solutions, and learning how to bring their ideas (both business and non-business) into reality.

  • Recovio: Entrepeneurship - Group C

    Recovio: Entrepeneurship - Group C

    Group C's project for the MCT 4015 Entrepeneurship course. Recovio is an audio digitization and storage company that serves companies at a scale and pricepoint that best fits their needs.

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  • Entrepreneurship for MCT - Group B

    Entrepreneurship for MCT - Group B

    Summary of MCT4015 project from group B

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