The blog posts of this section relate to the workshop DSP in the course MCT4000 Introduction to Music, Communication and Technology. The aim of the course is to explore basic signal processing techniques, physical models and waveguides, implement these techniques for practical experimentation in own projects, and combine as well as creatively utilize these tools for new applications.

  • It's not just phase, mom!

    It's not just phase, mom!

    Why phase coherency in loudspeakers matters.

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  • DSP Workshop Group C

    DSP Workshop Group C

    During our DSP workshop we were introduced to several tools and techniques for creating, manipulating and controlling sound. We started exploring Csound and waveguides. We learned a bit about the code in Csound, setting inputs and outputs and rendering the result to audio files.

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  • Group B, DSP workshop

    Group B, DSP workshop

    The 4 day DSP workshop introduced some basics of Digital Signal Processing techniques. We were given examples in Csound that focused on physical modeling of a string, and also how to use Csound as a DSP-tool. The exercises allowed us to take ownership of the codes by modifying and creating new sounds. We used simple operations like addition and multiplication to process the digital signals. We enjoyed experimenting with digital waveguides to model sounds travelling through strings and also manipulating with reverbs delay, envelope etc. Trondheim team also built an instrument with a piece of wood connected to a contact mic and used it in some of the tasks.

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  • A-team - DSP workshop blog

    A-team - DSP workshop blog

    On the final DSP class we were bringing it all together - and performing our combined CSound based creations! Having the day to develop on our instruments, we prepared for performing with the other groups at 2 o’clock. After finding our respective rooms, We had a A-Team meeting on how to finish off our sounds,and devise a plan of action for our performance.

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  • Exhibition 'Metaverk' in Trondheim: DSP, Csound orchestras and bone feedback

    Exhibition 'Metaverk' in Trondheim: DSP, Csound orchestras and bone feedback

    Once you enter Metamorph, an art and technology space in the old town of Trondheim (Bakklandet), you will immediately become part of the generative soundscape of the exhibition 'Metaverk'.

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